Includes 1/2" waterstop and hose connector - connects any hose reel or cart etc to an outside tap connector.

Please note that Tap and Cart are NOT included, just the hose with connectors to fit between!

Green/Red/Blue hose for domestic use, anti-kink/twist under pressure
Yellow (Pro) hose for use with higher pressures and harsher conditions, anti-kink/twist
NEW Super - Extra Thick and Anti-Kink/Twist for use in Harsher conditions.

GREEN, BLUE and RED are suitable for use in the standard garden
YELLOW PRO is more suited for longer runs, when Teeing off to multi-runs, When walking around with the hose dragging etc.
SUPER GREEN/RED STRIPE is suitable for higher pressures, light industrial/commercial use, Connecting to Motor homes/Window Washing/across driveways and connecting pressure washers. - NEW CONNECTORS FOR 2017

Garden Hose Connection Set 8M B00KADEH4C

Garden Hose Connection Set 8M B00KADEH4C

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