-Hardwearing Lawn instead of moss and weeds
-Expert Quality, suitable for all clothes, sports and games fields
-free-flowing, dust-free and single Feingranulat ensures optimum application of the fertilizer
-even distribution of nutrients for a uniform green lawn and all with fast
-grain and long-lasting effect (100 days) but slow
-continuous degradation of the long-term no-Stickstoffanteils
with no risk of burns

ingredients: NPK fertilizer containing urea formaldehyde 22-5-5, chelating agent, low in chloride

due to the high quality and reliable effect the lawn of the most famous gardens, sports stadiums courts, Golf and fertilizer Scotts and maintained with the immediately a huge success! care even for your lawn like the professionals!

in a Quality Langzeitrasendünger rasengerechten Nährstoffzusammensetzung. Encourages thick and juicy Green Rasen. is 100 days in length. fine granules for a Particularly even Nährstoffverteilung. Staubfrei. Chloridarm.

-the implementation of long-term lawn fertiliser Substral is from early Spring until Late Summer empfehlenswert.
- 2 to 3 times per season austreuen. the duration shall be 100 days.
- 20 g / m² (= 20 g) a heaping tbsp Substral long-term lawn fertiliser ausbringen. for a more intense effect / Reinforced Green the application rate, up to 30 g / sqm be increased
-for an even application of the fertilizer we recommend the use of a Streuwagens. so please Schrittgeschwindigkeit of one metre per second beachten. the application of clear best half-rate once lengthwise and one transverse ausstreuen.
-Substral the application of long-term lawn fertiliser after mowing and should as far as possible on Dry Lawn performed according to the strong wäs the lawn fertiliser

SUBSTRAL Lawn Fertiliser with Long Term effect for 375 M² 75 kg Bucket B00JFE9ORC

SUBSTRAL Lawn Fertiliser with Long Term effect for 375 M² 75 kg Bucket B00JFE9ORC

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